Creating an Android Developer Account

5 months ago
Creating an Android Developer Account Image

To publish Android apps to the Google Play App Store, you’ll be creating an Android developer account for your organization and setting up permissions. Follow the steps below to get started.

Register as a Developer

  1. Register for a Google Play developer account here. You will need to use a traditional Google Account (i.e., one that ends in “”).
  2. Navigate to the Google Play Console. Here you can review and accept the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and pay the one-time registration fee for your account.
  3. Fill out your Google Play developer profile and account details. Your developer name will be the name displayed in the Google Play Store. Note: it may take up to 48 hours for your payment and registration to be fully processed.


Invite Team Members

After your developer account is approved, you as the account owner can manage the data privileges of contributing team members. This includes granting project access as well as establishing roles and permissions for all contributors. Invited users do not need to pay a registration fee to join the project and use the Developer Console. Follow these steps to invite new users:

  1. Log into the Google Play Console to set up your team. 
  2. Click “Users and permissions” from the left sidebar. 
  3. Select “Invite new users” on the bottom right.


Users will receive an invitation from Google to join your development team after they are added. Invitations expire, so it is important for invitees to click on the corresponding link in a timely manner.

Manage Permissions

Rather than limiting roles to predefined permissions, Google offers account owners fairly fine-grained control of permissions so that they can establish the right level of access for all new users. These options can be manipulated by navigating to the “Account Permissions” tab. Select “Admin (all permissions)” to give users full control of the app. If you are not comfortable granting admin access, you’ll at least want to check these boxes:

  • Play Games Services (if you’ll be publishing games)
  • Releases
  • Store Presence

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